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Police allege Yantsos saw the student’s mother enter the school and contacted the student to leave class and meet him, and return the i Phone he had given her.An initial investigation said police found “screen shots of sexually explicit text messages” between the teen and Yantsos, love letters and photos of the student and the security team leader — in uniform during the school day — spending time together at school.Monteleone said school officials had fully cooperated with authorities and that counselors and psychologists would work at the school as needed to help ­students.“Providing our students with a safe learning environment is our top priority,” he said.One of the charges Yantsos faces is being in a supervisory position and having sex with a minor who was enrolled at a school where he worked.He has worked in the school system for a decade, according to the district.

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Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Jack Smith also issued a statement after the arrest of Yantsos, calling the allegations disturbing.

Yantsos passed a criminal-background check when he was hired with the school system, said schools spokesman Derek Turner.

Smith noted in his statement that the school system — Maryland’s largest — updated its practices and procedures related to child abuse in 2015.

“Any adult who abuses their position and takes advantage of our students has no place in our schools or community,” he wrote.

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Smith said it had recently come to the attention of school officials that in 1994 Yantsos was accused of using a revolver to menace a woman while he was working for the New York Police Department.

Yantsos started with the Montgomery County school system in 2007, district officials said, working in security at Ridgeview Middle School before moving to Richard Montgomery a year later.