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Navigate to character page of user you'd like to befriend.On the right side, close to the top is green " Friend" button!Groups are being phased out of F-list in their entirety as much of the purpose of groups is accomplished with F=chat and either Public or Private rooms.Requests to create new groups will not be accepted.If they are use /unignore to remove them from the list. Character updates mean a character you have bookmarked or are friends with has had a profile update.Clicking on the message will show you a string of info about what has changed. Examples of the tag in use are shown in parentheses after each entry.Placing moderators on ignore prevents them from being able to do their job, with regard to your character, and if you have ignored a room moderator, they are strongly encouraged to ban you from any rooms they moderate.They may have one of your alts on their notes blocklist, or on their chat ignore list.

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If the green button says "Edit" you are already friends!Look at the time, and return in an hour, or if you are completely stumped, submit a ticket requesting a password reset, however you will still need to wait an hour before you can change your password that way.