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v=jhe Gsi1VFns “He’s got movie star written all over him," says producer Janet Yang, who worked with Henney on a film called “Shanghai Calling.” "And everybody who knows his work would say the same thing.He is a leading man in every way.” But, Yang says, “He has mostly been making movies in Korea because they love him there, and don’t love him as much here.” In a 2014 email leaked in the Sony hack, screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin wrote that adapting a novel with an Asian protagonist for the big screen is difficult because “there aren’t any Asian movie stars.” Yang acknowledges there’s some truth to the statement, but says it ignores the bigger problem: The fact that there are no big stars that are Asian-American — and I’m saying big, huge, household names — that is a factor.The actor who played Long Duk Dong in “Sixteen Candles”? S., but eventually landed a spokesperson gig in South Korea.Despite speaking no Korean, this led to a big part in one of the country’s most popular TV shows, “My Lovely Sam Soon.” https://“As an actor, everybody wants to do the leading man roles," says Chious, "but there are none for Asian American men because we’re just not as desired in the same way that other races are." And when Asian men do get parts, they’re usually not romantic leads.

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A few years ago his bosses started asking him to get in front of the camera too.

Dong-A Ilbo sat down with him, a new face to many readers, at Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on June 28. So I don't think that I would make a good boyfriend. He also said, "I like a woman who is proud of being herself. I took acting classes at the Deena Levy Studio, an acting school in New York, whenever I could despite my busy schedule as a model.

From an Ordinary College Student to a Promising Fashion Model- Daniel Henny can't speak Korean. I like someone who can make her presence felt by others". His mother, Christy Henney (48), was adopted to the U. from an orphanage in Busan before her first birthday. And in 2003 he became successful, participating in the Paris and Milan Fashion Collections show. I even performed in off-Broad way plays several times". I asked what the future holds for the actor Daniel Henny. I want to become an actor who earns recognition not for his appearance but for his performance just like Brad Pitt.

The "Daniel Effect", a new phrase, has been coined as well.

Female fans say there are three effects constituting the "Daniel Effect": his exotic and sexy appearance which you can find only in models for prestigious foreign fashion magazines (Shock effect), his innocent smile which neutralizes negative feelings people might have for his too-perfect appearance (Neutralization effect) and his devotion to one woman even though he is such a perfect guy (Synergy effect).

The first question for him was the one his countless fans want us to ask him. His father is a British American engineer, Philip Henney (58). It was his friend who brought this dramatic change to his life as an ordinary college student. From Fashion Model to Henry Kim- After making appearances in several commercials such as Digital Camera Olympus (with Jun Ji-hyun) and Air Conditioner Klasse (with Kim Tae-hee), his name became known to Kim Yoon-cheol, the producer of "My Name is Kim Sam-soon". At that moment, Daniel was at the airport going back to the U. The dramatic casting story created a dramatic character. First, I will focus on learning Korean so that I can make Korea an indispensable part of my life. - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.

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