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However there hasn’t been that much discussion on the male g-spot, and I have a sneaky suspicion that a few of you may not even know you have one... The male g-spot or p-spot is the name given to a males prostate – and luckily for you it is easier to find that a woman’s g-spot.I realise that for some of you the idea of exploring this area may be taboo, but if you keep an open mind when reading this article, it may just provide you one of the best orgasm’s you have ever had!Lying on your back is generally considered to be the most comfortable position for this, so you’ll probably want to make use of the bed or perhaps a large sofa.The process will be easiest with your legs elevated, which you can do by simply leaning your legs against the wall behind the bed or draping them over the back of the sofa.The key is to give your body the chance to react and respond; take your time, the orgasm is worth it.It’s also important to note that you may not find any of these methods pleasurable during the first exploration, and that’s perfectly normal; you can always try again in the future. We’ve already mentioned this one, but you shouldn’t limit this method to solo exploration.How to stimulate it Remember that comfort is important – have a nice hot shower first – not only will you feel better clean, it also should help you to relax! If you’d like to take that one step further, try using an enema.

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Once you’ve made yourself as comfortable as possible, start by gently massaging the area surrounding your anus.

This will allow her to perform oral sex while still being able to stimulate your prostate.

There was a time when most women had no idea what a rim job was -- those days are long past, and most are quite savvy with the technique these days.

Some men enjoy gentle thrusting movements, and some prefer intense, constant pressure on the prostate itself.

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Change it up a little, and keep experimenting until you find what works for you.As you relax further, lube your finger up and let it gently brush across the surface of your anus.