Dating someone with fetal alcohol effects

07-Jun-2017 13:46

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While some deficits can be eased by targeted therapy, most of those affected cannot lead an independent life and need ongoing care and supervision.Children affected by FAS and their families need early diagnosis so that they can get necessary help in good time and experience understanding for their special cognitive, emotional and social difficulties.Thuis is true for alcohol related neurological deficits (ARND; physical changes are absent).A straightforward classification of FAS has proved useful in everyday diagnostic practice:• FAS • Partial FAS (with confirmed maternal alcohol exposure)• ARND (with confirmed maternal alcohol exposure)Alcohol easily crosses the placenta.Parents are accused of not properly rearing their children. One in every 300 newborns exhibits the full syndrome, and alcohol-related damage is thought to arise in every hundredth child.Such children and adolescents are frequently given another diagnosis (ADHD, autism, attachment disorder, conduct disorders).The cause – alcohol-related organic brain changes – is often not understood, and affected children face correspondingly frequent criticism and correction in disregard of their hardship and their needs.

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Mechthild Dyckmans, Md BFederal Drug Commissioner Children, adolescents and adults with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) are confronted in life with demands that pose great problems for them because of alcohol-related prenatal organic brain damage.

It offers practical everyday tips for successfully helping those affected and gives pointers to potential therapy, school and statutory assistance for them and their families.

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