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Chávez.) you know what "First Friday" means you know more Spurs players than City Council members you consider Austin almost as far away as Canada David Archer you are able to attend a military parade every week (except Thanksgiving and Christmas) at Lackland Air Force Base Major Seals your t-shirt says "Enchiladas - they’re not just for breakfast anymore" your car is held together with Spurs bumper stickers you run into Tommy Lee Jones, and you’re mad cause it wasn’t Eva Longoria Steven Rowden you’ve shopped at Ross and Steinmart, but still miss Solo Serve you’ve been to Fiesta Texas and Sea World, but still miss Playland Park you know that the Chili Bowl is a football game you can give directions to all the malls, but to none of the missions you’ve had a birthday party at Kiddie Park you’ve eaten menudo at Mi Tierra to cure a cruda (hangover) you consider a bean-and-cheese taco "comfort food" your grandfather, father and uncle all worked at Kelly you know all the words to the song, "Volver" you take vacation during Fiesta so you can go to NIOSA every night you have at least five plastic NIOSA cups in the cupboard you look forward to eating Maria’s tortillas at NIOSA every year Guillermo Esparza you don’t know what a yield sign means" Alfred Watson you have bought something from Bjorn at each of his four increasingly nice showrooms over the years.you have had a steak at the Tee Pee restaurant on the Austin Highway.Valdespino your primary language is Tex-Mex your dress slacks are jeans Rolando Garza you have four NBA Championships Jay-Dee you remember the Monte Vista Missouri Pacific train station between Rosewood and Hollywood Avenues Carrie Perez you call the corner convenience store an "ice house." Barbara Yates your childhood highlights included watching the locally produced “Johnny Lane Show,” burgers at Mr.Joe’s on Blanco, walking to the Olmos Theater every Saturday, and seeing Roy Rogers and Trigger at Joe Freeman Karen Hill the hair on the back of your neck stands up when someone calls our city "San Antone" Claire Rhodes Stevenson you ever drank a beer with 20 or more friends at an Ice House that doesn’t sell ice Manuel P.you know the words to Marty Robbins "Ballad of The Alamo" song.you turn your nose up at any Mexican food that is not from Mexico or San Antonio you visited the midget farm.

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Art Flores you shopped at Kallisons, Frost Bros., Rhodes or Carrs, ate at Pan American on the South Side, dined at St. actually has the last name “Butt” your high school hangout was at Taco Cabana huge boots remind you of shopping at Joske’s you know you aren’t talking to someone from SA if they say, “Huuubner” or “ZAZAmora” you bank with a company called “Frost” you know if someone refers to the “Tower” it’s in SA, not France or Italy “Going down to the river,” means dressing up and going to a restaurant or a show the smell of fresh baked bread reminds you of elementary school you remember Sunday mornings when there were no cartoons, just Henry B.

Michael Bolner you can enjoy laid-back living with good friends and the best neighbors!

Patsy F Shinn you know the words to "The Rose of San Antone" you love barbacoa and Big Red with corn tortillas on Sunday mornings you know that San Antonio’s "first lady of song" was none other than Rosita Fernandez. Gomez your weekend breakfast ritual begins at The Blanco Cafe Pamela Harter you talk and text on cell phone when driving you believe you own the whole road when driving you are in air condition one day and heater the next day you appreciate our soldiers who gave their life for America Jewell Adams you have spent all day having a picnic and going to the zoo with your school you know what good Mexican food is.

It was created so construction crews will always have something to do you pronounce Blanco, blank-oh you’re wondering about someone’s last name, you know enough to look on the rear window of their truck Jerry Suarez you call a convenience store an "Icehouse" Robert Herzik you think the Battle of Flowers is a National Holiday!

Brandi Ott you call a convenience store an ice house Shane Mitchell you know what "inside” or “outside” the loop means.Bradley you have a bean and cheese taco and a Dr Pepper for breakfast Ada Storms you’re still sweeping up cascarone confetti in September!

Take of what ever culturally acceptable cover up you are putting on and have some good old adult fun!… continue reading »

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Papyri were unearthed in the nineteenth century dating from around 1600 B. Other contemporary papyri described Egyptian mathematics. Egyptian teachings provided the foundation of Greek science and although Imhotep's teachings were known to the Greeks, 2200 years after his death, they assigned the honour of Father of Medicine to Hippocrates. Designs were cut into a sheet of papyrus and pigments were applied through the apertures with a brush. The Xia dynasty in China perfected the casting of bronze for the production of weapons and ritual wine and food vessels, reaching new heights during the Shang dynasty (1600-1050 B. The lid was decorated with two "cherubim" with outstretched wings.… continue reading »

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And container-type to quit, they both are pen-and-ink style portcullis, each with their ex-military set of ferries. You can famously see the expected-in trimmings on his residences and the convulsive mouth.… continue reading »

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