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30-Sep-2017 04:52

King Frederick II stands as a typical renaissance ruler of Denmark.

He was a lover of hunting, wine, women, and feasts.

After state finances collapsed during the years 1566 to 1567, King Frederik II called Peder Oxe home to address the kingdom's economy.

The taking over of Danish administration and finances by the able councillor, provided a marked improvement for the national treasury.

Councillors of experience, including Niels Kaas, Arild Huitfeldt, and Christoffer Valkendorff, took care of the domestic administration.

Subsequently, government finances were put in order and Denmark's economy improved.

Unlike his father, King Frederick II was strongly affected by military ideals.

Already as a young man, he made friendships with German war princes.

The conflict damaged his relationship with his noble councillors; however, the later Sture Murders of by the insane King Eric XIV in Sweden, eventually helped stabilize the situation in Denmark.

In 1585, he visited Norway as king when he came to Båhus.

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