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Ist die Beantwortungsquote niedrig bedeutet das, dass das Mitglied selten antwortet, ist die Quote hoch, antwortet das Mitglieder sehr oft auf Nachrichten.

schließen Die Beantwortungsquote zeigt dir das Verhältnis der eingehenden Nachrichten zu den Antworten.

Anna looks over at Maya and Wyatt lying on their backs and decides to imitate her friends ( – ).

Does he want the girls to watch what he is about to do?

Could Wyatt intend to convey that this time around he is falling back on purpose; that he has transformed an accidental effect (toppling over) into the goal of his play?

Maya twists her torso and observes Wyatt lying on the mat ().

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She thinks that looks like fun and gives it a try by falling back and lifting her legs up high.

Stella sits in a special spot, a box just big enough for one.