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16-Aug-2017 23:26

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Alex has forged a successful career in music since starring in the show, he’s released a single and tours the country playing clubs. But he’s proved himself a great entrepreneur, with his tell-all book, Laid In Chelsea, becoming a best-seller. Estimated net worth: £650,000Moneymakers: A jewellery line, modelling deals and magazine columns.Stephanie’s career started far from Chelsea in LA, but her reality roots saw her cross paths with bad boy Spencer Matthews and make it onto the show as one of his many love interests.Despite being prolific with a career as a serial TV star, she falls on the lower end of the MIC rich list.She's now a mum to baby India so watch this space for a baby line.

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Estimated net worth: £1.1 million Moneymakers: A jewellery line and fashion collaborations.Millie’s great grandfather invented Quality Streets and while the business has since been sold, we imagine there’s a nice fortune in the waiting.