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The information released by the FBI does not mention other areas reportedly under investigation – including including potential violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.Flynn filed amended reports after disclosures of work he had done on behalf of the government of Turkey.

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Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. sanctions on Russia, as well as 'the potential impact of those sanctions on the incoming administration’s foreign policy goals’ and that members of the transition ‘did not want Russia to escalate the situation.’ Immediately after the call, according to the statement of offense, Flynn called Russian ambassador to the U. Sergei Kislyak and requested that Russia 'not escalate the situation.' On December 30, just days later, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement stating Russia would not take retaliatory action – the preference Flynn heard about from Mar-a-Lago.He pleaded not guilty in October to a 12-count indictment by a federal grand jury. He pleaded not guilty to a 12-count indictment Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, March 2016 - January 2017Papadopoulos, 30, pleaded guilty on October 5 to making false statements to investigators about his conversations with overseas sources about potential Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton. According to the information, which includes just a single count, Flynn lied just days before President Trump took office about his contacts with Russia's then ambassador to the U. Mueller's team has been investigating Russian interference in the U. elections, as well as possible obstruction of justice and other issues.