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If you do well, you'll earn that "A", but if you do poorly there will be no recourse. I'll give you a moment to think it over." What was this about? At the door, they signed in as usual but then he pocketed her ID.

"Don't forget who you are or why you're here tonight, Claire. "Open the envelope, Claire." Joanna felt her cheeks flush as she saw the 'experimental procedure' written up.

"Oh, we have more work to do," he said, gently grabbing her hand and simultaneously turning up the setting on her vibrator. "You've been a very good assistant so far, but you need to keep focused.

Take a few bites of food and we'll get back to work.

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This randy old professor clearly had a thing for her. "I've been getting hotter and hotter, with you watching me make out with all these people. I'd be glad to help..." her hand ventured into his lap, and she felt with approval his rigid cock straining against his clothes.

---when she looked at the short skirt and white blouse, classic "naughty school girl" attire for tonight's party.