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While we talked, white guys in pickups parked in the driveway and came to the front door, where they conferred with Nasrin over sheaves of documents—constituent service on a rainy Saturday afternoon. And yet I remembered Zainab saying, “If I were fifteen now, growing up where I did—I don’t know. “But he has the potential to connect with serious networks—and this guy did it.” Russell Defreitas, the baggage handler, made trips to Guyana, looking to contact a senior Al Qaeda leader. Eventually, we worked it out, and we got him recorded.”Marshall Miller, the lead prosecutor on the case, was struck by how Ahmad took to the work. In the summation, she gave a bracing description of the plotters’ intent: “Their goal was to destroy the economy of the United States. Last year, she had just finished some very tricky case.Everything’s changed.” She meant the level of mistrust that Muslims in America face. I remember, in second grade, saying, ‘My family’s from Pakistan.’ The teacher pulled down a map, and I didn’t know where Pakistan was, even though I’d been there. But then I was relieved because the teacher didn’t know, either.” Ahmad laughed. I mentioned lawyer, because my dad was a lawyer, but I wasn’t serious.” Ahmad herself is vague about how law happened. But, I must admit, I didn’t see coming.”Naeem once got a call from his daughter while she was clerking for U. When his search failed, he settled instead for Abdul Kadir, a chemical engineer and former member of Guyana’s parliament, who had transferred his allegiance to Islamist extremists in Iran. “Zainab was really good in Guyana with local law enforcement,” he told me. Ninety per cent of prosecutors, that doesn’t come naturally to them. But the best prosecutors are born diplomats, particularly in this field. They knew that accomplishing that goal would take lives, and they didn’t care. Of these, fewer than half a dozen are in a position to pursue extraterritorial cases. Then we went out and sang karaoke.”There is, of course, much about her work that Ahmad can’t discuss with anyone lacking the relevant security clearance.

“They know Zainab’s reputation,” a federal prosecutor who has worked with Ahmad said. You make your best argument, and they decide.” Getting an extraterritorial terrorism case charged, on the other hand, requires establishing facts to the satisfaction of an American grand jury about events that occurred, often years ago, in faraway places.In the Senate, the drive to oppose and defund civilian trials for accused terrorists has long been led by the Republicans Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Judge Margo Brodie, of the Eastern District, who was formerly the deputy chief of the Criminal Division at E. It never dawned on her that the reason she had so much work was that she’s so good.”Bloesch worked closely with Ahmad on a gruelling 2015 trial, providing information about events in Pakistan. We just discussed the case till we crashed and woke up with new ideas.”Building an extraterritorial terrorism case typically requires permission from foreign governments to conduct investigations in their domains, and then assistance in apprehending suspects and transferring them to American custody.“This is no way to fight a war,” the three senators and a group of their colleagues wrote, in a 2015 letter to Eric Holder, then the Attorney General. Attorney’s office would be most effective on this case? “I’ve never seen anybody work that many hours,” she said. We worked Saturdays, Sundays.” Celia Cohen, one of Ahmad’s co-counsels on that case, lives in New Jersey and has two young children, but she moved into Ahmad’s apartment in Manhattan for three weeks during the trial. This process can involve a great many sign-offs—delicate, overlapping negotiations prone to being buffeted by political and bureaucratic winds.The letter referred, specifically, to several extraditions that Ahmad was involved in. has a promising investigation, it becomes like a client shopping for a lawyer. As Ahmad began travelling in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, and began winning significant convictions, her stock at the F. When Ahmad revived the case of William Bultemeier’s murder, in West Africa, David Bitkower, her supervisor, had doubts.

The senators and their allies strongly prefer that foreign terrorists who target Americans be detained in the military prison at Guantánamo Bay and, when possible, tried by a military tribunal. Maybe it’s just the airport that returning fighters land in—anything.”When the F. “That region is not a five-star destination at the best of times, and this was not the best of times,” he said.“They know their chances are not good.”Ahmad had made numerous trips to West Africa, chasing leads, collecting evidence, interviewing potential witnesses. “Coöperators are the unsung heroes of this business,” Ahmad said. For Ahmad’s cases, those places have included Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Nigeria, Niger, Kenya, Somalia, Trinidad, Guyana, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Special approval must be obtained both from Main Justice—as government lawyers call Justice Department headquarters, in Washington, D.