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He and his wife, Desi Rae, have three daughters, Mackenzie, Morgan, and Macy, and a son, Kael.

Kyle's father, Ken Idleman, has been a both a college president and a minister.

After all, Adam and Eve didn’t have earthly parents to leave; God created them with his own bare hands.

But apparently leaving parents in order to be joined to a spouse is so important to God that he put it in the Bible right up front. We use terms like “tied to apron strings,” “mama’s boy,” or “daddy’s girl” for people who can’t leave father and mother in order to be joined to a spouse.

Everything a spiritually vibrant person does is oriented in the direction of God—how you invest your time, your resources, and your abilities.

A person who is not interested in God is headed in a different direction and serving another god—self, personal ambition, physical desires, or other appetites.

You may wonder why this instruction about leaving parents and cleaving to spouses was needed at this early point in the human race.There’s an old saying: “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.” People who seem to be too good to be true usually are.Here are several clues that a person may be living out a deception.Don’t think for a moment can change a person with the following traits.

You will do better to keep looking than to invest a-lot of time with Red-Flag People who exhibit the following ten characteristics.Of course, there wouldn't be any real need for introductions because everyone would not only know who I am, they would also know from the sermon illustration that I used to wear Yoda "underoos." People have long forgotten the compelling point my dad was making, but they forever retain the image ...

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