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Honda makes up for the lack of volume knob with a sliding volume control on the steering wheel.

With the Toyota Corolla nearly a decade old under its refreshed exterior, we would choose the quicker and more dynamically pleasing Honda Civic.

The Honda Civic sedan is available with two engines—both of which are significantly quicker than the Corolla’s sole engine offering.

The Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic have been the two best-selling compact sedans for years and are worth a closer look.

With many more models in the segment, we suggest a look at our comprehensive 2016/2017 Big Test comparison of seven compact sedans.

Although midsize sedans have historically been sales leaders, compact sedans have become just as important.

In fact, compacts can lure young buyers into showrooms in hopes of making them lifetime brand customers.In comparison, the Honda Civic is EPA-rated 28-31/40 mpg with the 2.0-liter and 31-32/42 mpg with the turbo 1.5-liter. The 2016 Toyota Corolla with the CVT returned 27.8/40.2 mpg.